• Henni Hiirsalmi

Here we go

Ciao! You've somehow found your way to my blog and my first post ever.

A couple weeks back I was on the phone with my mom. We were talking about languages and writing when she randomly suggested that I'd make my own blog. I'm quite impulsive and easily inspired, so an hour later I already had the page up. Now after a while of planning and trying to decide between different name options, I've finally sat down to write a whole post.

Me in a nutshell: I'm a Finnish business student living life between Finland and Sweden. I love dogs (especially golden retriever puppies), challenging myself, all kinds of creative things, politics, languages and I've recently realized that I've become a Facetime addict.

I often get into a creative flow state where I'd feel like I have to bring it out somehow right here and right now. I've tried drawing, painting, reading, playing music, photography, language learning, politics etc., and now it was time for a blog. Due to the variety of my interests I'm afraid this blog will become a messy combination of everything you could think of, but well - that's who I am. Maybe that's the ultimate goal.

We'll see where this goes and how consistently I'll be posting, but you're very welcome to join me and take part in conversation. I'd love this to be an interactive platform where I can share my thoughts openly and discuss some of the topics with you. Not many people make enough time for listening to others and just naively

Like you may have understood, I'm a beginner and learning more as I go. Tips and tricks and feedback will be appreciated. Tag along if you're interested and follow me on Twitter and Instagram for updates and more.

I hope to see you soon again! Have a great day <3

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