• Henni Hiirsalmi

Music 3/21

I have around 140 Spotify playlists that I’ve made throughout the years. The front page is full of recommendations and they've made it easy to find new music. But still I always just put the newest playlist on shuffle and won’t even consider changing the list for the coming 2 months.

In case there’s someone else out there who's struggling with the same problem, I decided to gather a new playlist each month to force myself to listen to something new and to maybe even get suggestions from other people. Not just a random mix by the algorithms.

So, here, from me to You, a new playlist. I threw in a few popular songs and a bunch of less known pieces. Give it a listen and maybe leave a comment with some of the bangers you’ve been listening to lately and I’ll add them to the next playlist.

Take care xx

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